Initially, underStory was formed in order to service the music and arts scene in Los Angeles. With a background in music management (as well as film talent), we were born from the ashes of a, now defunct, record label. In the midst of assisting social media icons, musicians, and helping brick and mortar companies find their identity, a new stage of underStory came into being.

Now branded as a creative think tank, uS has stepped into the role of filling in the blanks for entrepreneurs, restaurants, brands, and businesses alike. During the age of spotlighting, no one can be expected to wear EVERY hat required for progression; we don’t expect you to. We do, alternatively, expect you to recognize your weaknesses and to seek out the remedy. Enter, stage left, underStory.

Whether it be web or graphic design, brand identity, online marketing, an increase in traffic, social media management, or consultancy, we’re here to make life easier and more stream-lined. We specialize in SEO, programmatics, brand visibility, and overall upgrades to any and everything you do.



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